HCG Weight Loss Cream

Trim Contour HCG Weight Loss Cream Keeps You Fit

HCG i.e. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone which is produced during pregnancy. This coupled with a calorie restricted diet, is found to be effective in weight loss. The combination is able to break down the extra fat deposits in the body to fuel your energy needs. HCG has been available in the market in the form of injection and tablets for quite some time. Trim Contour HCG cream is a most welcome recent addition. It is hard to believe that a cream can help you to reduce your weight! This is a totally new concept and is 100% true.

Health care professionals recommend a diet of 800 calories to the maximum while taking HCG. For your energy needs, the body will burn the excess fat available in the body and thereby shall stimulate weight loss. During this period you need to apply the Trim Contour HCG weight loss cream regularly. It will not be long when you can see the miracle of Trim Contour with an obvious change in your body.


  • The Trim Contour HCG cream contains HCG in the requisite amount. It serves you the same way as injection or tablets would do.
  • The cream is very easy to use as it is to be applied externally.
  • When you apply the cream, you can leave it for some time. Your skin absorbs it and the HCG gets into your blood stream.
  • It has been clinically established that the cream reaches your blood stream faster than the tablets.
  • Trim Contour HCG cream is organic in nature. It does not contain any oil.
  • It is safe to use and no side effects have been reported. The HCG hormone actually works on the fat only and does not break the muscle tissues.
  • The HCG cream comes with vitamins and mineral supplements.
  • You can adjust the dosage of HCG by changing the amount of cream you apply on your body.

Generally when you are on diet, sometimes you experience abnormal appetite that may lead you to skip your diet. However, with HCG diet and the best weight loss cream available at Trim Contour, you do not feel the hunger pangs and therefore you yourself feel prompted to continue with the treatment. You feel more active and energetic. People, who are using Trim Contour cream in place of tablets or injections, seem to be more satisfied with it.